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Finding the real you

Finding the Real You
Finding the Real You

Finding your true self is really important in finding your true love. You have to know yourself and love yourself before you can find that special someone that matches and compliments you perfectly. When you don't really know who you are, you end up running into the wrong type of person to date.

Some people jump from relationship to relationship never giving themselves enough time to find out who they really are and so they get stuck in bad relationships or relationships that are exploitative in some way - not based on love but on what that other person gives you.

It's very important to take time out between relationships to find out how much you have changed and how you have grown. The reason you have probably broken up with that previous person was because somehow you have outgrown them in some way and you both have changed. That is the time to show yourself some love by finding out what you really want and need. That's the time to nurture yourself.

You can nurture yourself by doing nice things for yourself and taking care of your needs. Start exercising, meditate, take a yoga class, go to a spa, start creating art, taking photographs or get some other new hobby that makes you happy. You will learn a lot about yourself that way. When you take time out for yourself and breathe or express yourself through being creative you are taking care of your inner needs. Once you can fulfill your own inner needs, you will be able to share that love inside with someone who meets your new needs. Like attracts like. Just like the law of attraction. Hope you find that inner love and partner you are searching for.

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