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Finding the one by better communication

Finding that special someone to build a relationship could end with this ... happiness.
Finding that special someone to build a relationship could end with this ... happiness.
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Finding the one is different for everyone. For some it comes easy, however for others, it is a long dreadful process that seems bleak in the beginning. Finding that special someone to build a relationship with could go one of two ways: love at first sight or years of countless date after date. Either way, he or she is out there searching and waiting for his or her happily ever after.

Even though it make seems hard for some, hold tight and continue to find the one that was created just for you.
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For those who find love at first sight, good for them. For everyone else, lurching toward a commitment is a little unclear for a while. When a couple reaches the point in their relationship where it is either "do" or "die," how are they supposed to know? Are they basing it on the love they have for each other or the time they have put into the relationship? One or both of them could ponder over this dilemma so long that it fester into a life of its on. Before the couple notices, it is two years later. Sad thing when the relationship fails, neither party could answer the question, "Why didn't it work out?"

Even worse is getting caught up in the newness a new love offers, that head-over-heals feeling. What is more devastating is discovering on your wedding day that he or she really is not the one. At this moment, one or both realizes that each was caught up in the fairy tale of love and was not actually paying attention to the small signs of problem. Like she wants to build a house now while he wants to rent an apartment to save. This is not communication.

Every relationship is helped by good communication, but if one is looking for the one, communication is essential or the couple will not make it to the next level. Talking and openly sharing one's feelings is key if one hopes to find the one. More than feelings, one has to be willing and able to discuss life issues. Solid communication is about knowing if a partner wants to buy a house or live in an apartment. Couples need to be able to talk about anything even if it causes issues. Resolving these issues involves discussion and solution.

It is essential that each partner communicate his or her inner feelings. After all, the entire premise of finding the one is about building a life together. Once each partner has communicated his or her feelings, hopes and dreams, they individually need to make sure that it matches their partner's vision.

Another thing that each need to realize is no one is going to be exactly alike. Differences are what make us unique. Why would anyone want someone just like him or her? What is important is whether or not a couple discusses their differences. It is also essential to determine if the differences are things that will drive them apart or pull them together. Having small differences is healthy; so do not let small things come between possible long-term happiness.

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