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Finding the Love you never lost

The love of Life.  My son and I discovering the love within us all.
The love of Life. My son and I discovering the love within us all.
Noah Page and Jimmy Page

The beat of life is love.  Love is within each of our hearts, and eternally links us to each other.  Each day that passes gives us the opportunity to experience this radiant love.  The only way to truly experience love, is to embrace it in the moment.  Love is not a commodity that we can gather and store for a rainy day.  Love is the wind.  Love is the sweet smell of flowers floating by on beautiful day.  Love is all around us.  Love is us.  If we open ourselves to the moment, and fully embrace what life is offering us, we will realize that love is contained within every fiber of life.  The key to finding love is knowing that we never lost it in the first place.  Love beats strong in the heart of each and every soul.  When we find a way to burn away the layers of open wounds and scars that surrounds the heart, we then find the golden egg of  love that has never left us. 

Our love is a gift that we received the moment we were conceived.  Throughout our lives as we grow and learn to live in society we seem to forget that this gift of love was ever ours to embrace.  We began to create the illusion that we are unworthy of love.  Much of the  world appears to believe that we must find someone to save us,  someone to give us love.  The word love seems to have lost its meaning somewhere within the translation of what it is.

Love has never left us, and truth be told, we need not seek love from outside of ourselves.  When we can love who we are, we suddenly realize that love is all around us.  Love is what makes life live and breathe.  The animating force of life is love.

When we can remember what love is, we find that all the things along the way which prevented us from seeing who we truly are, were simply illusions.  Life has away of distracting us from discovering our truest potentials.  It is sometimes hard to find the time to find who we are and where the mystery of love can be found.

Can we remember how to retrieve the gift of Love?  Yes!  Yes!  And Yes!  GO within yourself and start to look beyond your everyday tasks to survive.  Allow yourself to breathe and relax.  Go deeper and begin to peel away the layers that separate you from the love that lays deep within your heart.  As you burn through the layers of separation, be kind with yourself.  These things take time.  When you can allow yourself the space and time to rediscover the love within, you will soon uncover what holds you back from further experiencing this love.  As you dig deeper let the constraints that hold you back be released.  Allow yourself to experience freedom.  Love is a gift that has always been with you. 

Embrace the presence of love within yourself, and with it you will know that love lives and breathes within and without.  You are a blessed being of light and love, and your love continues on, eternally.