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Finding Telecommute Jobs

Finding that perfect telecommute position is relatively challenging but here are some tips to make it a little less confusing.

First, never pay for a work at home job. They are almost always a scam. There are job opportunities out there without paying for them.

Second, always ask your current employer first. Pitch the positive points of your transition from the workplace to your home office. It is cheaper, more efficient use of time, etc. Set the stage to "try out" the position for a period of time, say 90 days. This is always your best option. Be prepared for the negative argument your employer may have by being ready with the positive.

There are many companies that hire but may not advertise. Some of these companies include;,, Do your due diligence and check them all out before you commit. Decide what type of work you desire to do from home.The companies will all have different requirements and some include periodic trips to the office so you will need to decide if that is feasible for you before you commit.

Before applying, make sure you meet the employers requirements so that you don't waste their time or yours. There is a vast amound of information available and there are some work at home sites that are worth paying for  a membership. Some of these include, and These sites do the research and categorize available telecommute jobs. Good luck!


  • Pat Anthony, Charlotte Healthy Living Examiner 5 years ago

    Telecommuting-it is the wave of the future.

  • Roberta Baxter Eugene, OR. Dogs Examiner 5 years ago

    My son has been successfully doing this line of work for 8 years and likes it a lot. You have good resources and great research to bring this public.TX

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