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Finding Prince Charming in Cyberspace


Photo courtesy of Dianne Sweeney

As any girl today will tell you, finding your Price Charming can be hard, sometimes even impossible! In today’s world of Internet dating sites you would think that your chances of finding Mr. Right would be better than ever. But as one woman explains in her latest book, when you’re searching for your life partner, finding the man of your dreams isn’t easy, and you may even have to kiss a few frogs along the way.

Kissing Frogs in Cyberspace is an amusing look at one woman’s brave venture into on-line dating. Writer Dianne Sweeney scribes a hilarious and engaging tale of her journey through Internet dating sites and the interesting men she encountered along the way. Dianne spent months searching for a 'nice guy' in a cyber world full of men whom most weren’t even worthy of being labeled a frog. Dianne’s voyage is described in amusing detail as she makes light of the awful hook ups and terrible dates she had to endure while searching the Internet for her Prince Charming.

This is a perfect book to bestow on any woman who may be contemplating an upcoming exploration of the exciting and unpredictable world of on-line dating. It’s also an entertaining read that you’ll want to share with your girlfriends especially if they, like most the population, find humor in someone else's dating misery.
You can purchase Kissing Frogs in Cyberspace at Barnes and Noble and on, and signed copies are available directly through Dianne’s website. You should also be able to find it at Denver’s favorite ‘hometown’ bookseller The Tattered Cover.

Obviously the search for the perfect partner to spend the rest of your life with may not be an easy task, but it's a mission that can be embarked upon with a sense of adventure and a sense of humor, and as Dianne Sweeney shows us, it can even be done with a smile.


  • Chrissy M. - The Douglas County Examiner 5 years ago

    This looks like a fun book... thanks for posting!

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