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Finding potential owners for your German Shepherd puppies

Finding a good home for your German Shepherd puppies is very important. After two months of pregnancy, whelping and helping to bring them into this world and then caring for them every minute of every day for the next 8 to 10 weeks, you bet you want to make sure your little pups are going to a good home.

  • Meeting the potential new owners is very important. It is even better to have a couple of meetings. This gives you a sense of who they are and how they are with dogs.
  • Ask the potential new owners questions. It is important to find out how well acquainted they are with the breed.

Things to look out for and detour people will mostly come from how you feel about them.

  • Having proper transportation. Without meeting a potential new owner, you should not be asked to deliver any pups like delivering flowers-they call and order a male/female and you take them a pup.
  • The potential new owner tells you they are familiar with the breed because they had one before and it ran away or was taken.

After fielding calls exactly like this it hurt to think of the little pup going to a place where who knows what will happen to him/her.

It is important to get to know the potential new owners; it is a good idea to keep the lines of communication open with them. Being sent pictures of the new pup in their new homes knowing that they are fitting in and doing well is comforting. You will be given a sense of well-being in knowing that you have made someone very happy as well as that little pup you helped bring into this world and cared for intimately.

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