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Finding plastic surgeons that take your insurance using EZDoctor

Finding plastic surgeons that take your insurance using EZDoctor
Finding plastic surgeons that take your insurance using EZDoctor
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Quite a handful of people who’ve met this Cleveland Pop Culture reporter know that I’m in the market for a little bit of a “mommy makeover” surgery, as us women like to call plastic surgery procedures that generally involve breast lifts and vaginal rejuvenation after having babies, as was popularized by shows like Dr. 90210.

Planning and research is an important first step when viewing serious surgery procedures, and that includes the reputation of the doctors involved as well as how the operation will be handled financially. Thankfully this writer has her own OB/GYN that I’ve known for years, who delivered my daughter and is an excellent surgeon.

However, other folks who don’t quite know where to begin can use sites like EZDoctor to plop in their zip code and insurance information to turn up physicians in the specific field of medicinal interest in order to uncover a plethora of data about the doctors listed therein.

It’s sort of like Yelp and OpenTable and a scheduler all in one – at least for those doctors who’ve connected their schedulers to the website – and instead of it helping you make restaurant reservations, these are appointments for personal health.

The website also informs patients of the average cost for a new patient visit, along with putting on display an expanded procedure fee schedule. While it shows side-by-side comparison average prices across the state for the same procedure performed by a similar specialist, users are still advised to check with their own insurance companies for any pre-approval and pre-authorization steps needed.

All in all, it helps consumers begin to find out the crucial factors you need to discover about a doctor before letting any one of them come close to you with a ten blade scalpel and make any sort of incisions on your body. In some cases, the results link directly to Yelp reviews that other clients have written about the doctors, so it gives you a good peek into what other patients have experienced with those doctors in particular.

Of course, you’d want to go beyond cursory reviews and make sure to perform due diligence research into the physicians’ credentials and board certifications and more prior to using the free scheduler to book appointments on demand. Getting first-hand word of mouth from patients who’ve actually undergone surgical procedures from the doctor you’re considering using is always a good idea, too. It doesn’t hurt to take your time in the researching phase of such an important task.

As for rating sites for doctors like EZDoctor, customers are beginning to rely on them in greater numbers than before. They make it easy for people to use when they allow users to log in via their social platforms. Doctors like them because it helps to create one more venue for sending more patient referrals their way, and makes it easier for them to receive appointments if they choose to use the option to have the website allow consumers to make appointments online.

Choosing online advanced options like web schedulers whereby patients can select from available time slots means that the doctors’ offices save money because they won’t need to hire after hour schedulers. When web services like this become a seamless process, they are a win-win situation for both the customers and the doctors taking advantage of the 21st century technology.

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