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Finding out if college is the right choice needs addressed

As the school year is coming to an end, students and families will have to decide if college is the right decision or find ways to understand the importance of a college education. There are many factors to dwell upon and that includes scholarships, finances, the state of the economy and myriad of opportunities other than the college experience.

Families will have to decide if the cost of the college or university, and estimate the worthiness of higher education. There have been surveys and polls that track the value of a college degree and the earning power to decide if a degree is really worth the effort and opportunity to find a job upon graduation. Even though the poll results range from different percentiles of college effectiveness, it should be a topic that needs addressed.

Well after the end of a college career comes the prospect of debt and how to pay back the cost of the education. The economy will play an important decision of what direction to take after high school, and if college is the right choice or consider other options. That answer should be discussed and what fits the needs and aspirations of the children and family.

One direction that may be decided is a technical school or community college with a focus on a trade or skill. Another option is to join the work force to help pay for college tuition, which has seen higher fees each year, and much of that is due to the economy and related program costs. A talk with the school guidance counselor and participation in job fairs may help with the college decision.

The value of a college education has many factors to ponder and that decision will take a concerted effort with all family members to review and plan of attack. Families will need to research if scholarships are available and what programs are offered in college that meets the needs of the 21st century and if there are jobs waiting for the graduates. One question that needs attention is if that college degree is worth the initial cost for future job benefits.

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