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Finding our worth in Christ

Baltimore Sunset
Baltimore Sunset
Sean Jackson

Most of us go through an identity crisis of some kind. Most won’t experience the Jason Bourne effect but we have periods in our lives where we define ourselves with what we associate with. It could a job, friends or political party affiliation. We’ll align ourselves with what we think is important. But a lot of time we have no idea who we are. We walk through life almost in a haze not sure where to turn. Finding our true identity becomes essential because it can direct the rest our lives.

Identity defines who you are. Ask any successful business owner. The number one importance is defining who you are and communicate that with your employees and clients. The same applies to Christians. If we fail to realize our true identity we could miss out on life’s greatest gifts.

When we come to Christ our identity changes, we’re now Christians. But we seem to struggle with our new identity. I’ll use a ladder analogy to illustrate. Our “old selves” would be at the bottom rung, we’d be somewhere in the middle, and Christ would be at the top. Essentially we’re stuck in the middle.

It’s hard for us to wrap our minds around the idea that we’re part of the Body of Christ. But we are. I know it’s hard to even comprehend putting yourself in the same breath as Christ; however failing to do so is shortchanging salvation. When we perceive ourselves as less than a part of the Body of Christ, we reduce God’s power in our lives and this could lead to separation.

When we realize that we’re God’s children we take the blinders off our view of ourselves. We no longer see ourselves by our perspective but by God’s and just imagine what we can accomplish with that perspective. All of a sudden those problems and challenges we encounter don’t seem so large because we have God in our lives and as long as we put our faith in Him, He’ll pull us through.

In order to embrace our new identity perceptions of ourselves has to change. Instead of worrying whether we’re good enough, fit enough, smart enough, we need to let go of these worries and see ourselves for who we really are, a part of the Body of Christ. When we embrace this we see our true worth.