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Finding our wealthy place of purpose


  • Paul 6 years ago

    I always enjoy your articles. Always timely and encouraging.

  • Charlie Lujan 6 years ago

    I have come to the Realization even more so by reading this, that i am where i am cause the GOOD LORD PUT ME HERE!!i was made for this place and time where i am at today!! it may have been tough at times but i was perfectly made to be where i am at....Just because i have a bad day or even a bad Season, i understand this is where i was Directed by God.......i am so thankful that i feel like i am flourishing, YOU SAID IT and THAT IS SO TRUE , due to the InnerCircle of people who UNCONDITIONALLY Love me. AWESOME!!!! thank you Lance for Transcending your heart and thoughts through your writing .

  • Dane 6 years ago

    Great Article! Thank you for the reminder~!

  • Profile picture of Victoria Poller
    Victoria Poller 5 years ago

    Ms. "V"

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