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Finding our way home


It is a grace to find freedom; however, it is not exactly what most think.

In fact, when we are free, we may not be at peace with the world, but we are at peace with ourselves. Sometimes personal freedom is perceived by others as lunacy or selfishness.

When one becomes free from the perception of limitation, others can become frightened by what we know to be true.

But the fact is we are meant to express the graciousness of a loving, light-filled Creator. Unfortunately, we create our personal shadow self by attempting to become greater than a mortal being.

We are manifestations of light and love. We do not, however, accomplish anything other than becoming the expression of God’s mission. We cannot be God, except as a willing vehicle for light and love. When we attempt to be like God, we fail.

Ernest Holmes wrote in the Science of Mind, “What a wonderful thought to bear in mind; it is done unto us! We need not coerce, we do not create the power, but we must LET this Great Power operate through us.”

I have met a lot of judgmental beings who are blaming others for their bad mistakes. These beings wage war because they feel something “killed” them. The truth is we all make choices, and we can choose to blame others for our foolish mistakes. However, the road to redemption is faith that we will eventually be forgiven and welcomed back to the community.

If we stay in a consciousness of hatred for being duped by others, we continue to create bad karma in our future. When we finally admit to others our poor decisions, we create the opportunity to make better choices that foster faster growth. As we begin to move forward, doors open, and conditions change.

It does not happen in one movement, though. No, it is the awakening of our potential, and that is a great experience. Quit trying to get there, and just play. It happens in its way and its time. Do not judge others, and do not blame others for your failings. 


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