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Finding Mr./Ms. Right in the relationship jungle

Find yourself alone again?
Find yourself alone again?

There are lots of life lessons we obviously don't learn in school. Some of them are way more difficult than others. For relationships, you need to be armed with more than information--a machete would probably do nicely.

In the book, "If I'm so Wonderful, Why am I Single?" (, the author Susan Page, acknowledges that "finding love is a challenge today." (Pg. 11) .

Think about approaching any future relationships with some kind of protective gear. That means caution is the word of the day. How eager are you to be involved in a meaningful, long-term relationship? Unfortunately, your eagerness cannot be camouflaged. No one wants some one to appear too "hungry." Some might suggest this is a nice way of saying,  you have to "play games."

But, the bottom line is, when you want something--whether it is a great job or relationship, ultimately you have to sell yourself in a subliminal way. The key is "subliminal."

No matter how honest you are or consider yourself, it is always best to conceal a bit--especially in the beginning, when you meet someone interesting. Everyone is attracted to a little mystery. Don't be dishonest; just don't disclose every little piece of information about yourself. Consider everything on a need-to-know basis.

Just like that perfect job, your future mate--not unlike your future employer--wants to see that confident, intelligent, positive person with so many enviable characteristics, that he/she just has to see more of you! Take stock of what personal information you are revealing right away. 

Know that, whether you are someone's future employee, friend, or mate, everyone wants to surround him/herself with happy, confident, successful people. BE THAT PERSON. If you aren't, try and understand why you aren't; because you can't love someone else until you love yourself.

You shouldn't have to undergo a personality makeover; just choose what you say carefully and wisely, and to whom you address it.

Be optimistic. Be content with yourself. Then, navigate through the relationship jungle.

Remember, just like that perfect job, that perfect mate awaits...right behind the tall grasses.


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