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Finding Maya: The miracle on an Indiana highway

Maya is home!
Elahe Golpari (used with permission)

Many people, including this Examiner, have searched for Maya, the missing Shih Tzu, these past long months. Now that she has been found and is being cared for in an animal hospital, people are asking how all of this came about. Who found Maya? Where has she been? Is she okay? Is she home?

Facebook Animal Lovers

Many people post their lost dogs on Facebook and some even form a group page. All animal lovers come together in an effort to help other animal lovers find their missing pet. Maya has such a page and others would send in photos of found dogs that might be Maya. Still others would post pictures of lost dogs and everyone would try to help by searching and sharing.

Many animal lovers strike up friendships with people who have a lost dog and try to help or advise them on how to search. Rebecca Jewel from Maya’s group struck up a conversation and became friends with Susan Donner who was helping in the search for a small white Maltese that was lost in Chicago.

A few days ago Susan contacted Rebecca and told her about a photo she had seen someone post about a lost dog. She thought the dog looked like Maya. Maria Davis had rescued a small white dog from a busy 6 lane highway in Terra Haute, In. and posted pictures of her on Facebook. Rebecca noticed the resemblance immediately and contacted Maya’s owners, Mike Lavin and Elahe Golpari.

Maria posted that she had taken the dog to Petcare but since it was Sunday, Maya’s owners could not get any information. Early Monday morning, Mike spoke with someone at Petcare and was advised that it would be worthwhile for him to come see this dog.

Mike arrived and found a very sick little dog. She had obviously been on her own for a while. She was underweight, malnourished and full of fleas. She was badly matted and had lost some hair, but even though her appearance didn’t look like Maya, the eyes, heart and spirit were still there and Mike knew he had found his beloved Shih Tzu.

Maya goes back to Illinois

Mike transported Maya back to Clyde’s Animal Hospital in Mattoon, IL. The tiny Shih Tzu was finally back in the town her miraculous journey began. The vet reports that Maya is doing much better and they are hopeful that she will have a full recovery. Maya has yet to see her Mommy, Elahe, as she has been in New York, but is expected to return to Mattoon soon to be with the Maya.

As far as where Maya has been all of these months and how this little girl managed to survive is anyone’s guess. We only know that through the caring and sharing of many Facebook animal lovers, a miracle happened and she is back home with people who love her.

Elahe Golpari is thrilled to have Maya back and can’t wait to arrive in Mattoon to see the beautiful little dog she has longed to hold all of these months. She states that she is very appreciative to everyone who always believed that Maya would be found someday:

“Maya has become indebted to the love, faith, persistence, knowledge and experience of a group of animal lovers. I appreciate every single one of you amazing animal lovers!”

Never Give Up

This little miracle dog named Maya (her real name is Maia, but Elahe used Maya becuse that is how it is pronounced) proves that you should never give up on a lost pet. If you believe, as Elahe did, that your dog is out there somewhere continue your search and someday you might just get the same miracle that they did. Believe in the power of animal lovers who will help you in your search.

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