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Finding Magickal Items

An integral part of stocking your cabinet is the continued study of the principles of your tools and accessories and how they relate to you, your magick, and the Universe in general. In order for you to get the most benefit from the things you store and use, you will want to learn as much as possible about them.

For instance, there are a whole gambit of skills that relate to candles, gems, crystals, colors, herbs, tarot or other divination tools, etc,.... These objects have both practical and high qualities. You will no doubt achieve excellence with either some or all of these items in this lifetime so that you can carry this knowledge on to the next.

Magickal items and supplies are not always easy to obtain, depending upon your geographical location and budget. Learn to be a bargain shopper when using catalogs. Check references with other Craft individuals to see who has the best prices, highest quality goods, and good customer service.

Things you find can have marvelous magickal uses. How you pack and store your items is important. Wooden boxes, glass jars ( the old Bell kind works great ) and ceramic containers are good for herbs, incense, holy water, and oils. Plastic jars are nice for " on the go " but are not recommended for home use.

Plastic always seems " airy " and porous. Leather pouches are excellent for all types of things, as well as natural fiber cloth ( cotton or silk ) for wrapping crystals, wand, runes, jewelry, divination tools, and any other items that you wish to keep protected from outside energy. For this type of use, the color of the cloth should be black or blue and preferably opaque.

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