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Finding Inspiration: Diane Huff



Diane Huff is prolifically making clay mono prints.  One is struck by the sheer number of images produced in an endless stream of her creative process.  The resulting artwork stands as a marker of the process, almost as a side effect of the pursuit of the artist: to become lost in the creative process.

Huff seems to embrace chaos and randomness in her compositions and creates fantasy views of the unseen.  But this is not to say that her aesthetic is random.  Far from it.  Through her work emerges a voice of contemplation, practice, ritual, and recitation that only comes to a well prepared mind.

In her current two person exhibition Organic Matter at The Coalition Gallery, curator Susan Aurinko has focused the selection of Huff's work to tell the story of this artist's journey.  The unity and variation of the work allows the viewer to feel immersed in Huff's vast territory of creative exploration without feeling lost in it.

 Automatism, a concept that Robert Motherwell explored throughout his career but at no time more intensely than in 1965 when he made nearly 600 ink drawings on Japanese rice paper.  This automatic drawing was a device to find a deeper, inner creativity that would not be effected by conscious thoughts.  The series was completed while Motherwell listened to Alban Berg's Lyric Suite #387 in Brown and Black, thus, the name. 

 Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has identified the state of mind as Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.  When all of life's pressing issues can be set aside and one's mind can be engaged in an activity that at once allows mastery and presents challenges, it produces a satisfying result.

When the process also results in beautiful art pieces as the proof of the experience, we can look into the process and share in the experience.

Organic Matter continues through Saturday, June 12, 2010.

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Friday from Noon to 7pm,  Saturday from noon to 5pm, or by appointment.  (open until 8pm on the first Friday of each month)

Coalition Gallery 2010 W. Pierce Avenue Chicago, IL 60622

(773) 772-2385

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