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Finding humor in Ferguson Missouri

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

It is another race holiday for liberals and through their public relations apparatus (major media) we are treated to the events of Ferguson Missouri where night after night we get to see looters and rioters make a mess of things albeit all for a good cause and that cause is the outrage of white cops shooting a black teen.

What we supposedly don’t see is the peaceful demonstrators who are upset that a young 200 pound plus teen can’t rob a convenience store and then beat up cops without losing his life in the process. What’s this world coming to anyway?
I especially loved it when last Friday the video of the teen robbing the convenience store was released and it showed the big lovable lug bullying the store owner, this was said to “disparage the character” of our new race hero, “character assassination” they even called it. How dare the authorities to give full disclosure, how dare they upset the moral high ground of the libs and the media in what looked like their present day Memphis moment. Now things are a bit ambiguous and not so much a racist “narrative”.

The video release was said over and over again to spur on the events of Friday night where the streets of Ferguson resembled black Friday without the stores being officially open with no money being exchanged. Baloney. If I thought the cops were not enforcing the law with all their absurd military apparatus I might help myself to laptop or three. In spite of the “narrative” I think the looters are operating on a more rational level than the peaceful protestors.

MSNBC was a delight to watch Monday evening where Racheal Maddow (will someone please get her new wardrobe) thought it necessary to show us the peaceful side of the protesting and then display a video of people cleaning the streets in the morning since in liberal land everyone thinks black people are animals, everyone except for them. See, some actually are cleaning the streets because we know you all think this isn’t possible, but we don’t and we get to video it and Racheal-one-outfit will brag about it.

So let’s have another “dialogue” on race. No, let me do it all by myself:

What do you think of racism?

Ah, not too fond of it, kind’a doesn’t make sense.

I agree.

…..well?....anything else we can talk about?

Nah….feel like having an ice cream?


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