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Finding Fontana Dam and more

Finding Fontana Dam and more.
Finding Fontana Dam and more.
RDL Mills, 2009.

History takes over in Appalachia. On November 8, 1944 the tallest dam in the eastern part of the U.S. had been built. Known as Fontana Dam, this dam is 480 feet in height.

The Fontana Dam is a day or weekend journey for friends, family and all else who enjoy adventures.

Travel to Fontana Dam, located in the western part of North Carolina, so to experience this amazing man-made structure and its history.

Plus the awesome beauty surrounding the dam is worth seeing. The dam confines the Little Tennessee River, which makes up Fontana Lake.

The site, (click here):, titled "Great Smoky Mountains", mentions Fontana Lake as having a shoreline of 240 miles.

A visitor center sits to the side of Fontana Dam, the visitor center's building allows an awesome view of the dam. A great place to be for those afraid of heights.

Reading in the site, (click here):, titled "The Ultimate Guide to Asheville and Western Carolina Mountains" , details that the Appalachian Trail actually passes over Fontana Dam. Along the shoreline of Fontana Lake is 39 miles of hiking trails also mentioned in this site.

The Fontana Village Resort is located a short distance from Fontana Dam. Here at this tourist's destination there's lodging, food, hiking, and more. The site is, and there so much to discover here.

And much more at Fontana Dam, a great day or weekend destination for everyone. Other destinations can be found not too far away. These great destinations are also full of history. Try seeing the Tail of the Dragon and Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, they too are amazing.

Directions to Fontana Dam can be found below.

Directions: Follow U.S. 74 west from Bryson City. Turn right at the State Highway 28 turnoff. Follow State Highway 28 until the turnoff to the right for Fontana Dam. From Maryville, follow U.S. 129 south. Turn left at State Highway 28. Go approximately 10 miles to turnoff on left for Fontana Dam.


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