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Finding flowers growing in the late winter to early spring season

It is already January 21st. Although we are in the coldest season as of today, Spring is just around the coner. Once winter is over, we can find various flowers blooming. Those who love flowers and floral arrangements must be very happy with the season of Spring.

floral arrangements
California Flower Art Academy
European floral arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

Followings are flowers for late winter through early spring. You can think about and prepare for spring floral arrangements using some of under-mentioned flowers.

Pansy: This is one of pretty well known and popular flowers that bloom early Spring. Since this flower is frost and snow hardy, we can find it even in the winter season. This flower stops blooming once the weather turns hot.

Camellia: This flower is famous for its beautiful red, pink and white petals. This plant blooms in mild winter climate and early spring season.

Chinodoxa: This flower is also known as Glory of the snow. Once snow starts melting, this plant begins blooming beautiful blue flowers.

Eranthis: This is also known as winter aconite. This flower is very famous for its beautiful bright yellow petals.

Crocus: Crocus is a genus of flowering plants in the iris family comprising 90 species of perennials growing from corms. This plant blooms through the snow. Flowers of many species appear in Autumn, winter and spring. Purple petals of this flower is the most well known.

Witch Hazel: The North American species are occasionally called winterbloom. These shrubs offer a beautiful color of yellow in early spring. We can also find red cultivar.

Snowdrop: This plant sometimes blooms even through snow. If you plant this flower, you can enjoy booming as the earliest flowers of the Year.

Irish Reticulata: This is an early spring flower. They are hardy, but prefer a well-drained sunny position in soil which dries out in summer; they are therefore suitable for a rock or gravel garden.

Anemone: This plant produces pale blue and white starry blossoms for the spring garden.

Forsythia: The flowers are produced in the early spring before the leaves, bright yellow with a deeply four-lobed flower, the petals joined only at the base.

California Flower Art Academy offers floral design classes throughout the year. From season to season a variety of floral arranging lessons are offered. Students can make a choice of their most favorite course from a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS offered by California Flower Art Academy by well considering their budget, taste, purpose and goal for learning flower arrangements. Since 1990 California Flower Art Academy has been operating in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo County) and Silicon Valley (San Jose) as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo Japan).

No matter what kind of floral designs you want to learn, European arrangements or Japanese Ikebana, wedding or funeral decorations, beginner or professional levels, California Flower Art Academy can help. You can start from Introductory Trial Budget Program for less than $100. For more information, feel free to contact

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