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Finding employment during the holiday season

The Holidays

With the Holiday season in full swing, it can be a difficult time for job seekers.   Many companies will wait to the beginning of the year to hire someone permanently. Everyone enjoys a nice Christmas vacation, but being unemployed or on furlow is not the type of vacation you hoped for.  What should a person who is job hunting and needs money for the holidays do? Put your long-term job search on the side and take advantage of temporary employment. The best places to find jobs during this season is retail, temp agencies and Freight/delivery companies.

Malls/Retail Stores

Retail companies are always looking for temporary employees to assist with the holiday rush. The closer it gets to Christmas the more they need people who can work with customers. The best places to start are your local malls and major retailers in your area (Target, K-mart, Walmart and Kohls). There are many stores in the local malls that would love to have customer service oriented people apply. As with most temporary jobs the pay is not great, but it could pay the bills. The more flexible you are with your hours, the better chance you will have at landing a temporary retail position. Retail jobs range from greeters and sales people to warehouse workers and gift wrappers. The great thing about retail jobs is usually they will give you a discount if you work for them, this could definitely be a benefit when purchasing gifts.

Delivery Companies
Major Shipping companies like FedEx and UPS always hire Thousands of temporary workers to assist them with the holiday rush. With the Cyber Monday sales  up from last year and the anticipated growth in online shopping this year, shipping companies will need as much help as they can to ensure that they are able to make all the deliveries on time. Shipping company jobs range from loaders/unloaders, customer counter representatives to driver helpers. As with the retail jobs, the pay is not great, but it could help with the gifts.

Temporary Jobs

The Holiday's are great for temporary agencies. Most companies have people taking vacation, but still have a business to run. These companies will look to temp agencies to provide them a person to fulfill the job function while their employee is on vacation. These jobs can be almost anything. Many of them will be receptionist, office workers, call center representatives, telemarketers, warehouse workers, you name it. Many times once you get started with an agency, if you are a reliable person, they will look to place you other places as opportunities arise.

Other companies that may be hiring are fitness clubs and weight loss places. Usually the top New Years resolution has something to do with weight loss.

Working temporary jobs during the holidays is not only a good way to earn extra money, but it is a good way to build your resume. Taking temporary positions shows a company that you continued to keep busy while waiting for a job in your field of expertise.  It allows the companies to see that you are not just sitting and waiting for the next opportunity.  It shows that you desire to work and that you can be a productive employee, who will find work to do during slow times.

In order to find these opportunities, you can go to the normal job sites, but it is also a good idea to go to each company’s website to see what temporary positions they have, or better yet go in person and ask if there are any temporary positions available. If you go in person, always dress professionally because you could be talking to the manager. Always remember, your interview starts the moment you inquire about a position.