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Finding employment doesn't have to be a struggle

Linda Wright attends job fair back in 2011
Linda Wright attends job fair back in 2011
Photo: Christopher Capozziello/Getty Images

Still looking for a job? What if you've found a job but are not completely satisfied in your current position? In need of resources?

According to the Disability of Labor website, as of April of this year, 5.6% of people are unemployed.

What’s even more astounding is 12.5% of people with disabilities are unemployed.

It can be difficult accepting that you have a disability. Even more challenging can be the fact that you are trying to find a means of employment.

While this is certainly an issue, provided is a list of 10 sites that offer information to helping people with disabilities find employment.


1. Work4Illinois-According to the website, the services offered are: The Central Management Services Division of Examining and Counseling administers several programs and services for people with disabilities through the Disabled Workers Program. The Disabled Workers Program is conducted through the Springfield Assessment Center.

The Alternative Employment Program (AEP) and the Successful Disability (SD) Opportunities Program are administered to assist persons with disabilities pursuing state employment. The Accommodated Testing Program is administered to provide persons with disabilities testing assistance.

2. City of Chicago Employment Services for people with disabilities-This website promotes and provides information for people with disabilities in trying to obtain employment.

3. Access Living-Aside from providing employment opportunities, Access Living also assists with housing, youth and education, health and disability, etc.

4. Disability Works-This is another tool and opportunity for people with disabilities to find employment. (

5. United Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater Chicago-This organization people with disabilities in various areas including employment. (

6. is a local search engine geared toward providing various employment positions for people with disabilities. (

7. This is another search engine similar to

8. Ticket to Work-This program helps people with disabilities find employment based off of their income. To learn more visit (

9. Department of Human Services-People with disabilities work one on one with a case manager to determine employment goals helping to search for and hopefully obtain a position. Click here to find out more.

10. This is another search engine geared toward searching for employment. What makes this site unique is that they have a link specifically geared toward people with disabilities.

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