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'Finding Bigfoot' goes to Oklahoma

Cliff played in the Bigfoot's favorite key.
Cliff played in the Bigfoot's favorite key.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Sunday night brought a new episode of 'Finding Bigfoot' on Animal Planet, and the team was doing an investigation in Oklahoma. They were investigating some video footage that had been taken accidentally when some young men were making a video of how to make s’mores. The team was impressed with what they examined.

There were also many fresh Bigfoot sightings in this area of the state near several waterways. The town hall meeting turned up some interesting stories. Oklahoma is considered to be one of the prime Sasquatch habitats in the United States. There are many different geographical areas across the state than what Oklahoma is typically stereotyped, and much of it is perfect Sasquatch habitat.

The most unique and interesting part of 'Finding Bigfoot' this week was the couple who seemed to be developing a type of relationship with a Bigfoot. The woman described an experience of staring into the eyes of the creature for a length of time. This Sasquatch liked music, particularly in the key of B flat minor, as played by a flute. The couple explained that the Bigfoot would harmonize to Indian music on their iPod.

The team actually used this insight when conducting a night investigation. Cliff, an accomplished musician, performed some music in the beast's favorite key on an amplified guitar. It didn’t seem that they gave it enough of a chance, but he didn’t play very long.

The last night of the investigation appeared very promising, but the arrival of poachers cut their time short. (Initially, it seemed that the bipedal figure in the thermal imager was a Bigfoot!) As the commercials for the upcoming episode had hinted at, there was a scary few moments in the show when they were not sure if Ranae had been shot by the poachers, but thankfully, she was safe. As the title of the episode states, it is more important to “Live to Squatch Another Day.”