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'Finding Bigfoot' goes to Bobo's old stomping grounds: His dad shows up

"Finding Bigfoot" travelled to Humboldt County, California, on Sunday night's episode. This is Bobo's territory, and the team met some of his friends and family. Bobo entered the crowded town hall meeting and yelled out an enthusiastic "Hey, Humboldt!"

Bobo's dad was a baseball player.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The episode was hyped as though his father would be an important guest on the show, but it was a very short segment in an eating establishment where "Fireball" paid an even shorter visit. He painted a picture of a boyish Bobo interested in things like the Loch Ness monster even at an early age. He also asserted that he was not interested in his son's unusual hobbies.

If you would like to read about Bobo's 2001 description of a Bigfoot encounter, you can find that here on Bigfoot The show has made mention of his sightings, but there has not been a lot of detail. This post is his description of what happened as given to someone else. This post lists Jay "Bobo" Fay as being 45 years old in 2001. He certainly does not appear to be 54. His description also says he is a former logger.

During Sunday night’s episode, a comical segment involved an old friend of Bobo’s who made electric guitar noises with his mouth. They brought him along on a night investigation to make noises that might make some Sasquatch a bit curious. The team did get a few responses to normal Bigfoot calls while they were in the very isolated mountains of Humboldt County.

Even more interesting than tonight’s show was the after show. The team was sitting around with some skeptics, discussing the Bigfoot phenomenon and posing answers to some common questions. Matt Moneymaker answered one question about the absence of any Bigfoot remains. He mentioned that they had probably decomposed before anyone found them. This sounds silly, but in these remote locations that are characteristically “squatchy,” that could very well be true.

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