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'Finding Bigfoot' goes to Alabama

A new episode of “Finding Bigfoot” aired on Animal Planet on Sunday night, and the team was searching for Sasquatch on Creepy Mountain in Alabama. Many of the Bigfoot sightings in this town hall meeting were pinpointed on a map less than an hour’s drive from Birmingham. Although the creatures are often sighted near civilization, it really seems a bit questionable that there would be so few people see them. Perhaps, they are seen, but people are afraid of being publicly ridiculed or even seriously branded as crazy, so they keep it to themselves.

'Finding Bigfoot' squatches on Creepy Mountain
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

In the early part of the show, the team visited a local iron casting place there in Alabama where they commission the creation of a special instrument for making especially loud wood knocks on their night investigations. The instrument performed very well, but there was just one problem that the team failed to think about. It turned out that the wood knock tool was very heavy and cumbersome to carry around on a mountainside! Bobo kicked it down the hill. If Bobo can’t carry it, they should go back to the drawing board on this one.

For some reason, Alabama doesn’t seem to be a Bigfoot habitat. Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization offers a list of Bigfoot sightings in Alabama, broken down by county. Some of the reports featured in this week’s program involved more than one Bigfoot being present. Alabama may be a Squatchy place after all.

One remark that you hear frequently about the show is that the team just wanders around in the woods in the same manner each week but never “finds” Bigfoot. This may be true to some extent, but they do find various indications that Bigfoot are present. Perhaps, they really should change the title to something like “Still Looking for Bigfoot.”

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