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'Finding Bigfoot' changes it up a bit in Virginia

The 'Finding Bigfoot' team investigated an unidentified animal on a trail cam.
The 'Finding Bigfoot' team investigated an unidentified animal on a trail cam.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

“Finding Bigfoot” aired Sunday night on Animal Planet. The second episode of Season 5 found the team investigating some new photo evidence from a trail cam near Pulaski, Va. There was considerable excitement when the photo was originally published; the speculation was that it might have been a juvenile Bigfoot. While the four investigators had focused on Virginia before, this time the area in question was near the West Virginia border.

The predictable format of the popular Sasquatch-searching program has been altered a bit in Season 5. Last week’s episode involved an almost-cheesy segment with Turtleman and Neal from “Call of the Wildman.” The writers tweaked the investigation technique itself in this second episode. The night investigation is usually more fluid and mobile, but in Virginia, they decided to set up camp in one spot for a whole week.

Since most Bigfoot sightings occur when camping, the team hoped to use the normal sights and sounds of a campsite to lure a Sasquatch visitor. With all their clanging of pans, they were especially trying to attract a juvenile, the possible subject of the trail cam photo in question. They also employed a very new technique using a Bigfoot figure with light-up yellow eyes. (Could this be Mom?)

The photo that drew the team back to Virginia was published in the Southwest Times by outdoor columnist, Roger Williams, and you can view it there. Upon examination, the figure on the photo was not considered definitive by any of the “Finding Bigfoot” experts because of the scale and curvature of the shoulders and backside. Could the crouched creature be a bear or ape as was suggested? What do you think? If you missed last night's episode, you can watch one of the reruns on Monday at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. EST.

While there were still plenty of the iconic, but awkward shots of Matt, Bobo, Renae and Cliff bumbling around in the dark with the big pole cameras on their heads, it seems that the show is trying to incorporate some variation. Let’s just hope that they can add some seasoning without losing the familiar, fluky flavor of “Finding Bigfoot.” In retrospect, the network may wish that they had named the show, “Searching for Bigfoot.” Some of the investigations have documented some promising signs of the presence of something in the woods. However, the skeptics have enjoyed the opportunity to remind everyone that the investigation team on “Finding Bigfoot” has not found Bigfoot yet.