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'Finding Bigfoot': A Sasquatch responds to a high school drumline in the woods

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"Finding Bigfoot" aired a new episode on Sunday night, and the team travelled to the Louisiana bayou to check out a promising photo shot on a trail camera. The photo wasn't clear enough to be sure it was a Bigfoot, but after recreating the photo with Bobo, they immediately realized that the creature in the photo was much larger than him. Hopes were high because the secluded bayou provides a perfect environment for a Sasquatch. They enlisted the help of a high school drumline in the investigation, which was odd, but lots of fun.

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It turned out that Cliff had once been a member of a drumline when he was in the band. The guys in the drumline invited him to try his skills again, and it sounded pretty good until he dropped the sticks! (Cliff is also an accomplished performance guitarist.) Bobo announced that the drumline was "not nerdy, but cool." That was surely good news to Cliff.

The drumline tirelessly did their thing with gusto, and the viewers couldn't help but move their feet. While it seems that this amount of "racket" would surely scare off any Bigfoots in the area, the team seemed to have gotten a definitive wood knock in response. One thing that stood out about the drumline segment was that the "Finding Bigfoot" team split up and left the young teens to drum up some Sasquatch action by themselves. If the team was truly serious about the efficacy of this technique, they would have had reservations about doing that.

During tonight's episode of "Finding Bigfoot," one of the witnesses the team interviewed actually threw up red flags for Matt Moneymaker. The founder of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) is usually the first one to enthusiastically embrace an account of a Bigfoot encounter, but he made it clear that he did not buy her story, although he did not accuse her of dishonesty. Cliff was also skeptical.

It seems that the show has lightened a bit this season. The team doesn’t seem to take themselves so seriously. It is very evident that they are having a really good time on their investigations, and they seem to all get along with each other this season. Even Matt and Ranae are working together, which hasn’t happened often during the last season or two. All-in-all, the show was good fun, and no Bigfoots were harmed in the filming of this episode.