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Finding beauty in all things

Gnarled Tree
Gnarled Tree
Wesley Miller

Eastern Montana is not widely regarded as a beautiful area. Ours is an environment of flat prairies, yellow grasses, low hills and large, bare rock formations. Throw in a little scrub brush and you have what resembles a slightly textured desert. However, something to keep in mind is that this is what makes eastern Montana unique. How many photos have been taken of the Sahara that are simply stunning? The same things exist in the eastern Montana environment, just differently.

This will be the first of several articles. This will touch on a few of the unique qualities of the area. The follow-ups will focus on specifics.

In eastern Montana, there are a number of things that make for an interesting photography experience.
First of all, there are a number of farms. Farms are always an interesting photographic muse, especially when they have existed for some amount of time and contain many original buildings which have been replaced with modern, updated buildings. Dilapidated buildings show up frequently in photography. There are often interesting textures, angles, colors, etc which make for a great photo.

Next is the landscape. Sure, it’s not widely regarded in the state as a beautiful area, but many in other countries may not have ever seen landscape such as what exists in eastern Montana. The myriad of rock formations from the Rimrocks of Billings to the low, curving badlands of Makoshika State Park in Glendive, are very unique to the area. Again, these provide a very interesting photographic subject. One that is sure to please both natives and those from other areas of the country and other countries alike.

The next time anyone says eastern Montana is not beautiful, turn an artistic eye toward it and imagine what magic can be made through a lens. There is plenty to please the eye in eastern Montana. One need only have some imagination.

Upcoming will be a series of articles detailing a few of the more interesting and beautiful treasures to be photographed in the area.


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