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Finding Background Music For Youtube Videos

Music For Videos
Music For Videos

So you've decided to join the millions of people out there who is embracing video production be it for their business or for their youtube channel.

Whether you are an amateur or a pro - the chances are you are going to need some background music for your video at some point. So in this article I'm going to address where you can find this music, how much you should be paying and what the pitfalls are.

Just pick a track right?

You love the sound of Jay Z' latest track and think that would add some real power and oomf to your video. You've purchased it from itunes - so can just slot it into your video right? Wrong? Just purchasing the track from itunes allows you the consumer to listen to that track for your own personal usage. It does not allow you to use that music in another commercial production. In order to use a track by Jay Z, you would most likely be looking at licensing numbers of around $100,000 per year! So I'm guessing you don't have that kind of budget and still need music. No worries at all - there are plenty of solutions out there. But it's very important to stay within the law when using music. Especially that which is commercially released. Music labels are clamping down very hard on people using their music illegally, so don't get caught out.

Custom composition

A very attractive proposition for a lot of videographers is commissioning a composer to write a custom score for their composition. The obvious and clear advantages here are that you get a piece of music written specifically for your production that is unique to you. No track is going to fit as perfectly as one that has been custom scored for your video. The pitfalls here are obvious. Hiring a composer to write this music can be costly and of course can take time. These days, composers can work pretty quick, but it is still going to take a few days to a week to get the music you want. If you are in a hurry and on a budget then this option is not for you.

Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music is a term used to describe music that has been written for the soul intentions of being licensed by users and used forever. What this actually means is that you pay a one off fee to license the music and are then free to use this in your production forever. No further licenses. Royalty free music is often referred to as stock music or stock audio. You can expect to pay around $30-$100 for this kind of music and it can be found on plenty of websites.

One particular site that is worth a look is the Beat Orchard which offers high quality tracks at a fair price. Their collection is slightly smaller than some of the other libraries. This is deliberate as they want to focus on only selling quality tracks to save the user time when searching for the music they want.


Finding the right music for your video is very important. A video that has poor or badly chosen music will lose it's appeal. As you can see there are plenty of options out there for you to chose from. What it comes down to is budget and time. Either way - you should spend a little time researching the tracks to get it right.

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