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Finding Atlanta Auditions Pt. 2

One of the best resources for Atlanta actors to find auditions
One of the best resources for Atlanta actors to find auditions

Another great source the Atlanta actor can utilize when searching for auditions is The Southern Casting Call.

The Southern Casting Call is a website that caters specifically to actors in the South. It consists of a series of message boards that are seperated by state, making it incredibly easy for you to find jobs in your area. The website is updated daily and includes listings for film, television, theater, and extras work. Along with these boards it also has seperate message boards for crew calls, acting classes/seminars, film festivals, movie reviews, and scam postings.

While all of the afforementioned qualities make The Southern Casting Call a great audition source, its greatest attribute is in its community of users. Unlike many other audition websites the community of users on The Southern Casting Call is very interactive and will often post information that may not have been included in the original listing. These members will also post about auditions not included on the site so as to give other users the opportunity to submit for these listings. The artistic community fostered by this website is unrivaled by any other audition site that I have come across.

Membership to the website is free. All you have to do is create a profile and then you are ready to start submitting. For more information and to sign up, visit the website at You can also visit their facebook page at