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Finding antiques values at

Found fast on Worthpoint: Sold for $80
Found fast on Worthpoint: Sold for $80

Someone once said: Instead of trying to carry around a bunch information in your head, it’s better to know where to get the information you need. Today with the Internet, that statement is more true than ever.

In the antiques/auction world, abiding by that philosophy can increase profits, save time and well, keep you from going nuts! There’s a LOT of information on antiques out there.

If you tried to carry around a hard copy price guide for every type of antique and collectible out there, you’d need a trailer to carry them. But if you have an iPhone, iPad or laptop, millions of prices are available in seconds at your fingertips thanks to the World’s largest antique price guide,

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical back in 2008 when I’d first heard about the site. Now I am a frequent user of the “Worthopedia” and find that Will Seippel and co. have come a long way since founding the company back in 2007.

Finding values on Worthpoint has become easier, the site produces more relevant and niche topic results from numerous sources faster than ever.

For example, after typing into the Worthpoint search, “roseville donetello vase” I was rewarded with 389 results... in 4 seconds! Now as an auctioneer, there are several things I greatly appreciate about these results.

  • First, I actually found what I was looking for. Unlike other search engines that may have produced polluted results such as advice on roses, or articles on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello, Worthpoint produced the results I was looking for. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Next, the results were from “Prices Realized” not asking prices. Big difference in the real world. As most of you likely know, the old saying goes: “something is worth whatever you can get for it”. I don’t want to mess around looking at asking prices. I want sold results. As a professional appraiser myself, it’s sold prices I use when researching market data comparisons for my appraisals. Anything else is just a wish as far as I’m concerned.
  • A good range of results was provided. Because of Worthpoint’s marketplace power, more and more auction houses are signing on and this means a better range of results. IE, it may be one thing to want to know how well an item sells on eBay, and another to find out how it does at live auctions. What’s that? You have a few more seconds in your busy schedule, then search deeper and find out how the item is doing in live auctions in the Southern US, or trend by year etc.

Besides it’s Worthopedia, Worthpoint offers a large selection of antique information services and plans to help you get up to speed in what has always been a fast paced and information rich genre.

No one can know everything in this business, but now there’s no excuse for not knowing where to find out!


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