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Finding and keeping a job: Consume literature to know trends

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Note: There are several ways to search for a job. This series talks about positioning yourself in your current company so you may find your next job to be a promotion with your current employer.

Since the beginning of the Internet has been extremely easy to keep up on the latest trends in your business sector or discipline. Never before in history was it so simple is just turning on a personal computer to keep track of the latest articles and studies that are pertinent to your job.

The easiest way is to find the leading trade journals and self-development sites and subscribing to their newsfeeds. Watch for customer trends, new products, management techniques and leadership styles that will increase your total performance.

To be most effective set aside specific time each day, preferably early in the morning for the day starts, to read the latest headlines and story leads. The given set aside more time on a day off or Saturday or Sunday to explore the most interesting and relevant topics more in depth.

Doing so will keep you at the top of your game and allow you to rise to levels above your peers.

This includes excerpts from “How to build a successful career”. Copyrighted by and used with permission.


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