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Finding a pediatrician

St. Joseph Hospital, Fort Wayne
St. Joseph Hospital, Fort Wayne

A pediatrician is someone you want as a partner to help you raise and care for your child. You will need a pediatrician who you respect and who also listens to you. Your pediatrician is there to help you with all those questions you will have as a new mother.

There are a number of ways to find a pediatrician. The best time to do this is before your baby is born. You can search online, search on your insurance company's website, talk to your OB/GYN,  and talk to your friends and family. 

Searching for a pediatrician in Fort Wayne may be harder than anticipated. First, go to your hospital's web site. Sometimes, they have pediatricians listed who could be assigned to your baby once you give birth in the hospital. If you are comfortable with that, then your search would end there. If not, you could still find pediatricians through this resource. Some websites for hospitals in the area are:  

Searching on your insurance website will lead you to doctor's who are covered through your plans. This will help narrow down who will be covered, where they are located and some information on them as well. Some insurance websites do give you some basic information such as certifications and specialties. Also, where the doctor went to school is normally listed. Sometimes, people choose their doctors based on them attending a certain school.

Another way is to search your insurance website, print out the list and take it to your OB/GYN. They are most likely familiar with numerous doctors in the area and can give you a recommendation. If you trust your OB/GYN, you should trust their advice on a pediatrician as well.

Lastly, talking with friends, neighbors, and family members about a pediatrician. There is a wealth of knowledge out there with your social circle. Friends will tell you the truth about a pediatrician they have had contact with. They will give you their honest opinion. If you don't have anywhere to start, this is a great way to search for a pediatrician.

Most importantly, make an appointment with some pediatricians and talk to them about your views on parenting styles, shots, appointments and ideas of parenting that you have. If you can speak freely with your pediatrician and feel that you are being taken seriously, then you are more likely to respect and talk to your pediatrician about questions that you might have while raising your baby.  It's great to have a pediatrician on your side.


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