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Finding a loving home for Mookie

Mookie is ready for a loving home
Mookie is ready for a loving home
Caitlyn Welch

Update 6/11/14: According to her foster mom, Mookie was adopted by a wonderful couple from New York who really love Mookie!

When New York City Animal Care & Control volunteer Caitlyn Welch first saw Mookie, a beautiful three-year-old American Staffordshire terrier mix, she knew the dog was special. According to Caitlyn, “Every once in a while… a special pup will come along who captivates the heart of everyone they meet. Mookie was that girl for everyone at the ACC that week.”

After being surrendered by her owner to the Manhattan ACC in April because of “financial constraints,” Mookie ended up on the at-risk list after contracting kennel cough while at the shelter.

Those familiar with NYC AC&C know the high number of dogs and cats which enter the shelter each day. And how many of them end up on death row.

So Caitlyn did what she had to do. She, along with husband David Himmel, saved Mookie from death row by opening up their home to foster and nurse the sick dog back to health.

Zani's Furry Friends, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which rescues companion animals from New York City's shelters, pulled Mookie. Zani’s does not have a shelter or boarding facility, but instead rely upon foster homes to shelter and care for the animals until a loving forever home is found.

It is now time for Mookie to find her forever home.

Caitlyn describes the dog with affection when she says “Mookie is an absolute beautiful dog. Her gorgeous, silky soft brown coat is perfectly groomed and reminds us of cocoa powder. Her eyes are deep, dark and gentle.”

The foster mom continues describing her experiences with Mookie by saying “It has been an amazing few weeks with this special girl who has been the epitome of the perfect houseguest. Right from the beginning it was obvious that Mookie adores walks. When we grab her leash to go outside, her cute brown tail wags so fast that her whole butt wiggles – earning her the nickname ‘wiggly butt.’ She knows though that she needs to be a polite and patient lady so she’ll relax into the perfect sit position and wait for us to put her collar on. Mookie is fully house trained and ‘does her business’ as soon as we are outside. From there, she explores the world like it’s her first day on earth, smelling flowers, basking in the sunshine, and greeting all dogs and even cats playfully.

“Mookie loves attention and affection – and is a dog who will need a good amount of daily exercise - but she also does just fine when left alone. My husband and I can leave the apartment for up to 3 hours and come back to find Mookie curled up on our couch or chewing her Nylabone like a perfect little lady.

“Mookie also loves to snuggle, capitalizing on every opportunity to nuzzle up to you and slip into a deep doggy nap. Sometimes, when she is really tired, she’ll snore and we will smile thinking about what she might be dreaming about.

“Mookie can be a little timid sometimes around strangers, but with just a little bit of patience she warms up to everyone in no time. We’ve been told she has only lived with adults but since she has been in our care she has already met a few children and has passed the kid test with flying colors.

“If not exercised, Mookie can get a little rambunctious (as any dog would!) so we recommend a home where she will receive plenty of walks and will always have a bone or two around to focus her energy on.

“Above all, Mookie deserves unconditional love. A home where she will be considered family. A home that is forever no matter what life circumstances may arise. She is worth loving forever and we have promised Mookie that the best is yet to come. She has left her paw-print on our hearts and I know that when you meet her she will on yours too. Mookie needs her forever home and if you’re lucky, it could be you.”

Lastly, Caitlyn adds “Mookie is a sweet girl who has been through so much and deserves an amazing forever home.”

For an application, please go to Zani’s Furry Friends on Facebook, or their Petfinder page.

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