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Finding a Great Wooden Storage Box or Bench

Buy now, store later!

Clutter can overwhelm a homeowner in just a few years. Many things come into the home, but few things leave, creating an organizational nightmare. Does this sound like your home?

There’s no need to rent storage space. By getting creative with your furniture to find pieces that are both beautiful and functional, you can greatly increase the amount of storage inside and outside your home.

A wooden storage box or bench can provide seating and storage, two things that most homes need. Find out what you need to look for when shopping for your box or bench.

Consider Your Purpose

Do you plan to use the bench inside or outside your home? Almost any wood is appropriate for indoor use, but outdoor wooden benches need to be weather resistant. One durable wood is eucalyptus. It is, indeed, resistant to weathering, and it’s beautiful as well. Best of all, it is a renewable material, making it an excellent choice for eco-friendly homes.

Consider Your Local Weather Conditions

You must consider your local weather conditions before making your purchase. If you live in an area that gets significant annual precipitation, consider a teak bench. Teak is one of the best rated woods for outdoor use, because its high content of natural oils makes it more resistant to moisture.

Consider Your Budget

Finally, you must consider your budget. While both eucalyptus and teak are excellent options, you may need something a little more affordable. Red cedar holds up well in the outdoors and has a beautiful finish. This is a good choice for shoppers who are pinching their pennies.

Now you’re ready to shop for your wooden box or bench. To make a wooden box serve double duty, top it with a weatherproof cushion. You’ll have extra seating for your guests and plenty of storage space.

Waterproof Storage

If you must have a waterproof storage solution you may want to consider a resin or resin-wicker bench/box. Suncast makes some of the best outdoor storage boxes on the market. It may not have the elegance of wood, but it will still add a good look to your patio or deck.

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