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Finding a good stud for mating German Shepherds

Argus and Shima getting to know each other, 2nd meeting
Argus and Shima getting to know each other, 2nd meeting
Valerie King

Finding a good German Shepherd male to mate with your German Shepherd female is important to properly breed good German Shepherd pups. Take the time to get to know the owners and for the female to get to know the male.

What to look for:

People who take care of their male GS. Avoid male GSs who are tied up in the back yard. Make sure all shots have been given and are up to date, ask for vaccine records. Male should look good and healthy.

Proper registration papers to match female GS. If female is AKC registered, look for male who is also AKC registered. Same with CKC; if female is CKC registered, look for male who is also CKC registered.

Male GS should be at least 1 1/2 years old. Male has matured enough to mate and the sooner he starts to stud the better.

Older male GSs to age 8 with continuous documented studding. Usually a male becomes sterile about this time in his life. If older, ask for studding documentation for all years prior and verification of virility.

At least 4 years of ancestry. Check bloodlines to prevent any cross-breeding.

Plenty of room to mate. Make sure stud owners have plenty of room for the mating process; a nice good size backyard.

Good sound contract. Make sure your contract with the stud owners is simple yet comprehensive. Avoid OBO's and unclear statements. A good stud owner will accept payment 1 of 3 ways: Pick of the litter; Payment at pregnancy confirmation; or Payment at sale of pups.

Places to look for stud services:

(insert state) [ex:]

google: stud service for german shepherds

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