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The K Club in Ireland
The K Club in Ireland
Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

If you haven't had a chance but have always been interested in finding your family tree, check out The website is well designed and offers great tools to guide you through the process. The kids will love finding out about where their grandparents grew up and where the family comes from. With a few names and birth dates you can open up an entire world of information. In just a few hours you may find where your ancestors originally arrived in America and where they sailed from. You could be related to one of Sacramento's founders, Samuel Brannan or John Augustus Sutter, anything is possible when you begin to dig deep into your history. Maybe you will find that they arrived from Ireland in the 17th century, long before the potato famine or that you are related to the 1st King of France. It almost seems magical as you find directories listing your grandparents address and employment, or read over your great grandmother's baptism information. As you gather the documentation, you can save them to the tree and connect them with the correct person. Each relative has an individual profile where you can add events, define relationships, add photos and audio. There is also a page that reworks the information into a story format for each person in the family. If you are a Facebook user you can connect with and add your relatives to keep them involved or have them assist you in finding your roots. So have the kids grab the box of old photos to sort through, find a few more names & get started exploring your past on today.