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Find volunteer opportunities that play to your skills (via LinkedIn)

LinkedIn for Volunteers
LinkedIn for Volunteers

I've always said that doing volunteer work can be a great way to get some additional skills or some experience in an industry that you might not be experienced with - or are interested in getting some hands-on working experience with a particular skill or computer application.

Non-profit organizations have opportunities associated with sales and marketing (fund raising and event promotion), administration and computer skills (website design, membership lists, email and fund raising campaigns), newsletters and content creation, event planning and even customer service.

If you feel you're missing some experience or skills - or you have some space in employment or have had to accept a job in a role that is not exactly along your career path - you might want to entertain some of these volunteer opportunities with locations listed here on LinkedIn. If you're a non-profit organization and am interested in this program - see the sign up URL below.

Sharing this information via LinkedIn:

You can now find opportunities to help nonprofits that need skilled professionals like you. Skill-based volunteering is a great way to make a positive impact, gain new skills, and open doors for your career.

LinkedIn members enjoy volunteering
82% of surveyed LinkedIn members want to volunteer their time and skills. We want to help you achieve that goal by connecting you with nonprofits that need you and your service.

Volunteering is good for your career

Volunteering is valued
41% of LinkedIn hiring managers consider volunteer work equally as valuable as paid work experience when evaluating candidates.

Hiring managers take notice
20% of hiring managers in the U.S. agree they have hired a candidate because of their volunteer work experience.

Volunteering can lead to opportunities
Unemployed people who volunteer are 27% more likely to be hired than people who do not volunteer.

  • Share the causes you care about with your network

By adding the Volunteer and Causes section to your LinkedIn profile, you can share your volunteer experience, the organizations you support, and the causes you care about with your entire network. Including this section provides an implicit endorsement for the organization and helps the organization build its brand on LinkedIn.

  • Let nonprofits know you want to donate your time and talent

Within your Volunteer and Causes section, you can signal that you’d like to serve on a nonprofit board or do skills-based volunteering. This helps nonprofits find you and it helps your network keep your interests fresh in their minds when thinking of potential volunteers and board members.

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