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Find Traditional Yoga for Modern Living at Yoga Oceanside

This customer painted lotus flower hangs above the check-in desk
This customer painted lotus flower hangs above the check-in desk
North County Yoga Examiner Jessica Wilson

Tucked away in the shopping center of the newly reinvented Boney's Earthgrown Market is a haven for yoga students of all ages and ability levels seeking a safe, peaceful community dedicated to yoga.

"A Place to Practice and Celebrate the Yoga Tradition"

"A Place to Practice and Celebrate the Yoga Tradition" - Yoga Oceanside's Motto

Yoga Oceanside is in its second year of serving the Oceanside community. Studio owners Danielle Osicki and Melanie Wassman met through yoga and wanted to create a space dedicated to the yoga tradition, including spiritual and philosophical teachings, without aligning with one particular style or lineage.

"We embrace the diversity within the modern Yoga community while maintaining a connection to the ancient wisdom passed down through thousands of years," said Danielle and Melanie in a recent email interview.

The studio has a calming energy. The studio walls are painted natural, calming hues of blue.

"I like the colors," commented Yoga Oceanside student Meg Jacobson.

No Class Levels

Clasees at yoga Oceanside have playful names like "Yoga Delight" and "Ageless Yoga."

"We specifically chose to let go of the concept of levels or numbers to describe classes because this can perpetuate judgment and competition, which are anti-thesis to the ultimate aim of Yoga – acceptance and compassion," explained Danielle and Melanie through an email. "Plus, all yoga practitioners can benefit from a variety of classes depending on their physical, and mental states at any given time."

Students can participate in "Yoga Delight" classes for a more nurturing practice or sweat and purify through "Vitality Vinyasa" classes.

New Student Special

The new student special is 25 dollars and allows students two weeks to try an unlimited variety of classes and teachers to see what classes are a perfect fit.

"Two weeks at Yoga Oceanside changed my life," said new yoga student Dylan Dzielski.

Danielle likes to tell new students "we are a no pressure Yoga Studio, and we invite our students to go at a pace that honors their uniqueness.” She advises students to visit Yoga Oceanside's New to Yoga web page so they know what to expect upon visiting the studio.

Giving Back to the Community

Yoga Oceanside is offering donation yoga classes on Tuesday and Friday evenings in the month of April to benefit Summer's Hope. There are slow flow restorative classes on Tuesday nights and unique offerings on Friday nights. Yoga Oceanside is also supporting Ovarian Cancer Research by selling Jade Yoga's limited edition Teal Yoga Mat.

In addition to helping Summer Autio, Yoga Oceanside is collaborating with Street Yoga from Portland, Ore. to expand their program to San Diego. Street Yoga is non-profit organization that teachers yoga to homeless and traumatized youth and their families.


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