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Find the perfect diamond engagement ring with 3D technology simplifies diamond engagement ring shopping with 3D printing. simplifies diamond engagement ring shopping with 3D printing.
Photo Courtesy of, used with permission.

Technology has advanced so that now dreams become reality with the click of an icon. Avoid the stores and find your diamond engagement ring in the comfort of your home as you shop online. Then, try on your selection thanks to the magic of 3D printing.

Find your engagement ring with the help of 3D printing.
Photo Courtesy of, used with permission.

Print makeup, toys and samples of diamond engagement rings with a 3D printer. has enlisted cutting-edge 3D printing to enhance your shopping experience. Find your ring size, diamond shape and carat size that suits your personality, see below, for your engagement ring and print out a 3D image of your selection. If you don’t have a 3D printer, will point you in the right direction, and if you do, the online jeweler will send you the files to print. Samples of the 3D diamond engagement rings could be viewed in the slideshow.

Jonathon Ohayon, diamond expert and COO of, has created a guide on what diamond shapes say about the personality of the women that wear them in his article, “What Does Your Diamond Stone Shape Say About You?” According to Ohayon, “the diamond you choose for a lifetime is a good indicator of your personality and what kind of bride you will be.” Below is a breakdown of diamond cut shapes and what they say about the wearer’s personality. Where do you fit in?

  • The Round cut is classic and this bride is timeless, understated and trustworthy. A woman who wears the round diamond engagement ring is anything but flashy.
  • A Princess shape diamond has the “brilliance of a round, with an updated edge.” The bride that wears a princess shape diamond engagement ring is stylish with “modern sensibility, yet classic with an edge.”
  • Asscher is the cut for the fashion conscious bride that loves the vintage feel of the Great Gatsby era. She’s both feminine and meticulous, think Carrie Bradshaw.
  • Radiant is reflective of the trend setting and chic bride who could be indecisive, but knows what she wants when she sees it.
  • The Cushion shape diamond is the perfect accessory for the romantic bride who wants the fairytale wedding. This woman portrays effortless style and according to, “many of her friends envy the casual way she captivates everyone in her presence.”
  • An Emerald cut is for those that embody old Hollywood glamour an drip drama for days.
  • A Marquise diamonds is for the bride that loves to be the center of attention, one that planned a “lavish ceremony with an over-the-top reception.”
  • Oval has “classic, reserved lines, much like the understated bride who wears it,” whose wedding reception is scheduled for the country club.
  • The Pear cut diamond says this bride is loyal and adaptable, but plays by her own set of rules, sort of like the author who touts a pear-shaped engagement ring. “This bride is emotional and tends to wear her heart on her sleeve.”

  • Heart shaped diamond rings are for women that want the ultimate fairy tale with over-the-top sentimentality and a wedding fit for Cinderella.

And yes, there’s an app for that. If you don’t want to invest in a 3D printer then offers the free Diamond Finder, available in iTunes, to assist in your diamond engagement ring selection. The app offers advice and education on diamond clarity and cut and helps with the engagement ring selection for the perfect choice to give to the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, forever.

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