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Find simple ways to exercise in spite of your busy schedule!

It has long been known that exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Many people's lives are so busy with work and/or school, friends and family; that they find it difficult to find time or energy to exercise. Even people who have exercise equipment in their homes don't always use the equipment to their advantage.

One woman told me the treadmill in her home just collects dust. Another woman said her weight machine has turned into a very convenient clothes rack. Here are some tips on getting exercise no matter how busy your schedule is.

  • Avoid the elevator whenever stairs are an alternative. The elevator is just an excuse to be lazy. Attack the stairs two at a time lifting your legs high. This helps build leg muscles by making the climb more strenuous.
  • Many people watch TV to unwind. Instead of plopping down on the couch get on your stationary bike, elliptical machine or treadmill. You could even jump rope or jog in place or lift dumb bells while you watch television.
  • While you're watching television get down on the floor and do some sit-ups and/or push-ups. This way you won't even miss your favorite show!
  • Park far away from the store or mall entrance when you go shopping. If you park in the back of the parking lot you'll get more exercise walking a longer distance and there won't be very many cars around your car when you're ready to leave.


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