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Find peace in your suffering

Suffering. It's a word that has become all too familiar to you. Suffering is never accompanied by a smile or a joyful heart, it is identified by the tears of a heart that aches from circumstances beyond your control. Chapter 16 in the book of John is a great example in which you can find Jesus acknowledging the sufferings of this world and providing a promise that those times will never defeat the Christian who trusts in him. Jesus is preparing the hearts of his disciples by giving them instructions on how to deal with the troubles they are about to face. Jesus knew that his death would be a turning point in the way his disciples would now share the Christian faith. In the following passage, Jesus is instructing them to find peace in their sufferings so that they might use that experience as a witnessing tool. As a believer you can find peace as well in that same promise: "I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world."

-John 16:33

So how do you find joy and peace in the midst of hurt and sorrow? Pray. Read your Bible. Seek the Lord daily and ask him, with an honest and open heart, to help heal your pain and brokenness. God uses the sufferings in your life as a daily reminder that you still need a Savior. God will draw you closer to him through prayer and worship.

The best thing about suffering is that when that particular season of sorrow is over, you will see God in a mighty and more powerful way . Your suffering will never be too big or too messy for God's love to fill the cracks of your broken heart. So the next time you are in the pit of your most painful suffering, remember that the same God who created the world is the same God who is with you, holding your hand and calling you by name out of the darkness.