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Find out about my new book, Hot Body a Complete Guide to Your Erogenous Zones

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I am so excited to announce that I have just published on Amazon Kindle my first book, "Hot Body, a Complete Guide to Your Erogenous Zones." I wanted to share the good news with you since many of you have been following my articles for some time now. I have provided an excerpt from some of the book below which I think will give you a sense of it, and hopefully tease you into reading it.


Join me on a wondrous journey in discovering your erogenous Hot Spots. On this journey, you will be using a very special map, one that I am sure you will find somewhat familiar although you may find new uncharted waters that you will enjoy exploring.

Have you ever thought about how fascinating the human body really is? It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to learn about it no matter how much I may think I know. So before you read more, promise me that you will begin this journey of exploring your hot and hottest erogenous zones with an attitude of adventure and a beginner's mind. That is to say, take this journey as if all of this information is new to you, and you want to learn everything you can. If you do that I will promise you not only will you have fun learning all about what turns men, women and of course your sweetie, on the most, but you will also become an even more amazing lover.

Human sexuality is an area that is still being explored. There are so many things we still don’t understand about women’s sexual response and men’s erectile dysfunction. But what we do know is that our bodies are capable of feeling enormous amounts of pleasure. As a teacher of Sacred Sexuality, a sex educator and author of hundreds of articles on sex and lovemaking, I look at the sensual arts as just that, an art that is there to be mastered. I have always known that the key to driving your lover wild starts with knowing how and what body parts to touch, rub, pinch, caress, kiss and lick.

The word erogenous comes from the Greek word “Eros” meaning love and “genein” meaning to produce. Erogenous zones are areas of the human body that are highly sensitive because they tend to have a lot of nerve endings. Various kinds of stimulations of these areas may result in sexual excitement that can lead to orgasms, and there are many ways to have an orgasm, but that is another book.

As a master of the erotic arts I have discovered through years of experience just how much pleasure the human body can take. For most, the amount of pleasure we allow ourselves to feel is fairly limited. That is why I wanted to write this book on how to increase your Pleasure Quotient (more on this later), by learning about as many erogenous hot spots as you can, and how to awaken and stimulate them effectively resulting in expanding your partner’s ability to receive and give pleasure and hopefully yours as well. Of course each person is unique unto her or himself, and so your hot spots will be different to some degree from mine. But essentially what we all want is to be pleasured out of our minds.

I also including a few other tips and tidbits that I feel will be useful to you, such as understanding the importance of:
• Energy flow and how to cultivate sexual energy
• Breathing
• Communication
• Expanding your pleasure quotient

Understanding the differences between how men and women are aroused and becoming willing to adopt the attitude of an adventurer exploring your lover’s body, as if for the first time, will give you a new way of approaching “foreplay”. You will also learn how to build your sexual energy quotient and Sexual IQ. (see my next book, Your Sexual IQ, What it is and How to Use It, Amazon Kindle)

In the arena of sex and lovemaking remember that you can never know too much, in fact, more is better. After all, isn’t one of your primary motives to drive your partner wild with pleasure? The power you have when you know just what to do, or just how to touch your lover, can be a heady thing and it feels delicious. Remember, “Knowledge is power”, especially when it comes to giving your partner unlimited amounts of pleasure.

Chapter 1 - Your Pleasure Quotient

We will begin our journey by understanding more about pleasure. I’ll bet you have never even thought about increasing your ability to receive pleasure or what I call your 'Pleasure Quotient.' It isn’t something that we often give much thought too. But what would it feel like if you were one of those select people who were capable of receiving enormous quantities of pleasurable energy in your body. I mean really, who would say no to that! Your body has the ability to take you to places you have never gone before. But in order to expand your Pleasure Quotient you will be required to learn a few new tricks of the trade first.

The first thing is to learn how to relax and breathe when you are being touched, tickled, caressed, kissed and in the throes of having an orgasm. Now since this book is dedicated primarily to learning more about your Hot Spots and how to give and receive pleasure, learning how to relax and breathe will be very useful information.
Learn how to cultivate your partner’s energy as well as your own. What this means is that since your entire body is really one giant hot spot of erotic energy, learning how to cultivate your partner’s ability to appreciate different styles of touch, building their erotic response, and at the same time teaching yourself how to become sensitive to their energy and response. This is also an easy way to teach yourself how to become a very artful lover.

Breathing is something we do without thinking, but most of us do not take in enough oxygen when we breathe shallowly. When you learn how to breathe during foreplay you can learn how to relax enough to allow your body to open to more pleasure. The kind of breathing I suggest is to breathe in through your nose to the count of 4, then slowly exhale through your mouth to the same count. By doing this when you are feeling ticklish or when you want to tense up, you will relax your muscles instead and soften your energy.


His Energy
Men are hot! Well of course they are. But what I mean here is energetically speaking. In the study of sexual energy from a Taoist Chinese point of view, a man’s genitals are out there for everyone to see. They are more available than a woman's. His sexual energy tends to run warm to hot pretty fast. Men, especially younger men, get sexually excited when they just look at an attractive woman. They have erections thinking about a woman they like. And, they ejaculate, which again is external not internal. This is good to remember because it helps us women to understand why men are the way they are about sex. They really can’t help it, they just get more excited in a shorter amount of time, as a general rule. But there are exceptions to this that generally have to do with a man's age, hormones, and health.

Her Energy
Women tend to run cooler than men. And that is why a woman’s body/mind needs more time to get aroused, generally speaking. After all, just look at her anatomy. Her genitals are hidden away in secret places. You have to find them, seek them out. So, a rule of thumb I suggest for a woman is, don’t just stroke the obvious stuff. By exploring every inch of her body from head to toe, you’ll be able to tap the sort of pleasure she never even knew existed.


The Journey Begins With Your Skin

For some this may still be fairly uncharted waters. Your skin is your largest erogenous zone and your largest organ. It's true. And, in fact your skin is considered by many to be a sexual organ. Now we don’t usually think of our skin in this context, but when we understand that our skin has thousands of nerve endings throughout it, we then have a much better understanding of why learning how to arouse artfully through touch is so much fun.

To begin with I suggest that you start by thinking of your partner’s skin as a canvas on which you will play a symphony of tantalizing new notes. The instruments are your hands, especially your fingertips, and your tongue and lips. A great way to start, especially with a new partner, is to close your eyes and let your hands do the talking. This way you can develop your inner sensing abilities and you will increase your ability to be able to really tune into what you are feeling as you are touching your partner’s body. Part of the fun of being able to arouse your lover is that you too will begin to feel aroused just through your touch. Since your skin has thousands of nerve endings, starting out with a gentle exploration is a good way to begin to warm up yourself and your partner’s body. Developing your ability to sense and read your partner’s energy through your touch will give you a great feeling of satisfaction. You can also use a fur mitt or ostrich feathers if you wish to try some new ways to play with sensation.

But remember that every person will respond a bit differently. So what one person likes is no guarantee that another will like the same thing. That is why adopting the attitude of an explorer every time you begin to make love, whether it be with a new person or with your partner of 20 years, will keep your sex life alive and fresh.

Next we have several different pathways we can take to arouse your partner. There are so many little tributaries that we may wish to explore on this ripe land, their skin. But for the purpose of this book, let’s first understand how the brain affects our erotic energy.

Since the next section is on the Brain and much more I think I will end here. Now that you have had a taste of the book you can if you liked what you read so far, read the whole thing at I hope you do and let me know what you think.



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