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Find out if your marriage will stand the test of time, Differentiated Couples

“Highly differentiated couples.” By: Diana Urman, LCSW


Differentiation is the phenomenon that applies to all living things, but in human beings, differentiation is basically the ability to balance humankind's two most fundamental drives.

The urge to be connected with other people, and the urge to be free and autonomous.

In Diana's research she has found that in an emotionally committed relationship there are two fundamental drives, one being--- To be with our partner, and the other being, separate from our partner and having separate interests.

Differentiation is the ability to have both: To be very much involved in a relationship and also be able to be your own person within that relationship. When you can do that, you basically have the best of both worlds, including the kind of relationship everybody wants to have. When a couple can achieve that they are more likely to have a better sex life.

As part of Diana Urman’s doctoral dissertation from The Institute For Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, Diana is continuing to gather more information on her research, and asking if you would like to participate in the study.

Dear potential respondents,

Thank you very much for considering participating in the study of sexual desire and level of "Differentiation" (often equated with capacity for intimacy and/or developmental level in relationship) among members of couples in their relationships. To qualify for participation, you must be 18 years and older, and currently be involved in a relationship. Your return of this survey is an implied consent to use your data for the study. The survey will only take about 20 minutes to complete. Please note that it best to complete the survey in one sitting, and then, submit it right after completing it. Your input is highly valuable as it will provide essential information about patterns of sexual desire among couples in their relationships. Sexual desire, activities and behaviors will be compared with level of "Differentiation." Additionally, your responses will be used to analyze sexual attitudes and behaviors as possible indicators or predictors of level of sexual desire as it relates to couples. Any information obtained or data collected in connection with this study will be presented in as non-identifying and confidential a manner as possible.

We would like to thank you in advance for considering being a participant in this important doctoral study. If you decide to participate, please complete the attached survey by clicking on this link provided below: Sincerely yours, Diana Urman, LCSW.

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