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Find Out How Your School Stacks Up Against the Competition

Comparing Apples to Apples
Whether your child is going to a new school or heading back to an old one, it never hurts to know where it stands in relation to others in the area, in the state, or in the country.
Several websites have compiled data to help you better understand how your school stacks up on a number of fronts:
Reviews public and private schools nationwide. User comments, state testing results, student/teacher rations, as well as percentage of children who utilize free lunch programs and demographic breakdowns.
Similar to, but focuses entirely on public schools across the country and includes funding data like district funding and expenditure per student and per school.
Provides private school profile information like school’s religious affiliation, student body size broken down grade-by-grade, tuition and acceptance rates.
Similar to, this site includes links to school websites and PTO/PTA pages, as well as user reviews.