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Find me a find, Married at first Sight extreme matchmaking

A sexologist, a spiritualist and a psychologist, and extreme social experiment. Married at first Sight reality TV sounds frightening at first, but for those who know determinedly what they what it’s a piece of wedding cake.

Find me a find, Married at first Sight extreme matchmaking
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Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match

Complete strangers agreeing to get married. “Married at first Sight” brings into focus that ancient tradition, matchmaking. The idea of the television show is for the couples to get married and live together for one month before deciding if they will live together forever in happy matrimony or will they collapse in divorce.

It’s not a place for Cinderellas, love can blossom later

Many couples who use matchmakers in the South Korean tradition are only meeting for their second or third time on their wedding days. South Korea is still very conservative when it comes to marriage. The credentials are weighed and checked; horoscopes are even checked to decide on the best day to marry.

The show received thousands of applicants

Of the ones who were selected for reality TV many of them were on the run when they found out they had to marry without being introduced. That narrowed it down to fifty willing people to step up to the batters box. It’s not about sex or physical attraction in an arranged marriage, and Americans are learning just that by way of “Marriage at first Sight.

Online dating sites take a kick in the rear

If you are looking for sex you will find it. If you are looking for marriage who has time to date up a storm. Relationships don’t appear t of thin air. Professionals business people and the average working employee want work-life balance. If you are true to yourself you know that hunting down the person of your dreams is not possible. Eventually theirs and your true-self comes out. The key to work-life balance and life-long companionship is commitment to the intention.

Dating is overrated

Dating for the serious is like an interview. If you are younger you are freer to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. As you age you cut to that heart of the matter, “Are you going to kiss me or not.” Don’t waste my time, is it marriage you are looking for and are your intentions honorable or not? Romeo and Juliet didn’t date that many times before they married, but their families intentions ruined it for them in the end.

The sanctity of the situation

The new “I do,” many women and men in arranged marriages are completely happy and view marriage differently. Forced child marriages aren’t the only type of arranged marriages going on. It’s not about being perfect, who is?

The power to change

Roles between men and women, they are changing. So are the roles in relationships in general, what matters is the balance of power. What goes on behind closed doors no man or woman can put asunder. The main point is a man or woman who is ready to run for the hills at the slightest indiscretion is not in it for the long haul. For even a relationship between true friends you will encounter taking one on the chin, if not several and vice versa. It’s give and take. It takes a brave heart.

So women can do it for themselves these days

They can make the bacon, bring it home, fry it up in the pan and give birth to it without a man. What’s the point, where’s the love? Where's the relationship? What happened to sharing with someone the peaks and valleys and rowing your boat together? Absolutely nothing. The gay revolution isn’t fighting for marriage equality for no reason at all. It’s something everyone wants. You have to build intimacy , communication, and relationship when every you bring two people together.

"Marriage At First Sight," reality TV airs on FYI n Tuesdays at 9 pm est.

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