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Find luxury with Yves Saint Laurent make up

Various YSL cosmetics
Stephanie Yewdell

Most designers aim to dress from head to toe, which is why there can sometimes be found an accompanying cosmetic line. Often not given the credit and admiration it deserves, YSL or Yves Saint Laurent has an extensive cosmetics line to accompany its gorgeous and covetable clothes and accessories. YSL cosmetics can be found at major, high-end department stores. Perfect for summer’s hot, humid days is the All-in-One BB Cream ($50). It is a lightweight, subtly rosy scented BB cream that has SPF 25 to help protect skin. It sets quickly onto skin allowing for an easy application of bronzer and blush.

Understanding how important it is to have make up that pulls its weight, the Baby Doll Kiss & Blush ($40) is a two in one, hard working product. With a hint of strawberry, this lip-gloss and blush combo is available in 12 shades. It is vibrant and bold blush or gloss that is perfect for when you want to focus on that part of your face. For a bit more shine and gloss, YSL’s Glossy Stains ($35) are sheer gloss that does not require constant reapplication. For a multifaceted, luminescent lip-gloss has the shine of a gloss, the color of a lipstick and the endurance of a stain.

For your eyes, Dessin du Regard Waterproof' Eye Pencil ($30) is similar to taking a watercolor brush and applying eyeliners with the paints. It goes on so lightly and smoothly it’s as if it is not there. However, it is because it is waterproof therefore defying makeup mysteries. How can something be applied so lightly as if not even there, but not budge? The Couture Palette ($60) has fashion written all over it, especially on the back of the box, which helps you to discern how to use the various shades. There is a base, highlighter, and colors to play with. They all complement each other to create a high fashion eye.

Magic is inserted into every bottle of designer nail polish. That is why it looks so rich and covers so well. This is the case with YSL’s La Laque Couture ($27). Offered in a variety of colors from neutrals, to reds, to bold blues, there is a shade to fit any mood. Just hope that mood lasts, because the color sure does. It is of the highest quality and makes even the worst at home manicure look almost professional.

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