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Find local volunteer opportunities in Knoxville with

As it stands, I don't do very much for the community. I'll admit that here and now. It's certainly regrettable but I have, however, lately found myself frequently looking for different volunteer opportunities online. The problem is that, while many churches, shelters and non-profits post opportunities on their own sites and on numerous different forums, there isn't any one place (to my knowledge) to find a plethora of different opportunities.

That trend seems to be changing with the debut of AllForGood.

Currently in alpha testing, AllForGood gives us a one-stop-shop for locating different organizations that are in need of your talents and mine. Just visit and not only is your location automatically detected in the background but you're also presented with immediate local opportunities right there on the home page.

For instance, my location was automatically detected as Powell, TN (not entirely accurate but close enough) and I immediately discovered child care volunteer opportunities, mentoring options, and plenty more. You've even got the option to specify when you'd be looking to volunteer: anytime, today, this weekend, this week, this month, etc. Plus, as you might imagine, the site does come with a search option if you already have a field of expertise. (In the areas of education, health, websites, for example.)

Finding, exploring and following-up on opportunities couldn't actually be easier as AllForGood even goes the extra mile by sparing you the hassle of having to create yet another online account. The site has integrated multiple authentication options allowing you to login with any of the following accounts you may already have including Google, AIM, Facebook, Yahoo!, OpenID and more.

Lastly, if you want to keep up with the latest opportunities or share opportunities with others online, the site offers a number of different embeddable gadgets (for iGoogle, Gmail, Blogger, Typepad, WordPress or just a standard HTML gadget for your site) as well as an app by the name of "Catalista," for Google's Android platform.

So, check out some opportunities and I'll do the same.