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Find hidden storage space

Suitcases for storage
Suitcases for storage
Michael Coughlin

Sometimes extra storage space is right under your nose but you don't see it.

My client Tina was unhappy with the clutter in her kitchen cabinets. She's not much of a cook, but there was too much crammed in there and it wasn't very accessible.

However, since she doesn't cook much, I opened her fridge on a hunch and discovered that it was less than half full. Problem solved! The refrigerator is a perfectly good food cabinet.

Boxes of pasta went in there, along with jars of tomato sauce, cans of soup and instant oatmeal envelopes. What else could go in there? Sugar, flour, oil, vinegar, dried beans, tea bags, a bottle of Scotch; almost anything.

We left out items that are best at room temperature like chips, crackers, dried fruit and breakfast cereal. Food that's difficult to work with when it's cold should stay in the cupboard, such as honey.

What other hidden spots might you find?

  • A couple of cardboard boxes of old photos draped with a pretty cloth can stand in for an end table. That will make more room in the closet they used to be stored in.
  • Add extra shelves to cabinets where there's lost vertical space. If shelves aren't available, make liberal use of coated wire shelf organizers.
  • If you don't travel much, use your suitcases for storage. They work nicely for off season clothing.

Get creative!


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