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Find game rules in a snap with online sources

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When it comes to playing games like Monopoly, Clue, or classic card games, do you know what the correct rules are? If you’ve lost the official game rule sheet or want to brush up on your favorite game’s instructions, consider heading online to the following sites to find instructions for an assortment of games.

Whether you’re playing Monopoly, Clue, Operation, or any other Hasbro game, consider checking out Hasbro’s official website for the official rules. Instructions for many games are also available in French and Spanish, and the site includes instructions for special editions of its traditional games, too.

Let’s say you scooped up a packet of Uno cards at a garage sale, only to discover it doesn’t have any instructions. What do you do? Head to Mattel’s site, where you can search through a list of games that include Balderdash, Apples to Apples, and Angry Birds.

For other board games, a quick query via your favorite search engine should yield instructions. Just type the game’s name and “game rules,” and you will likely find the instructions. Keep in mind it’s possible you will find instructions on a site that is not affiliated with the game’s manufacturer, especially if the game is older.

What about classic outdoor games like tag or hopscotch? If you’re a bit rusty on the rules, then take a look at the Kids Games website. The site also includes rules for jump-rope, hand-clapping and jacks and marbles.

For card sharks, knowing the right way to play poker, rummy and other card games is important. has an extensive list of rules for card and tile games.