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Find free titles for your Kindle on Zero Dollar Books

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

It's no secret that Milwaukee isn't exactly participating in the economic recovery. Even if you have a Kindle, it might not be easy to get the funds to refill it, and who wants to keep rereading the same few titles every week? There's a site that can help you find the best free books available for the Kindle, Zero Dollar Books.

This site was featured on Lifehacker recently, and they gave the good advice of using the sites RSS feed to find titles as they're added. The site itself is just a series of book covers and titles, it looks nice but isn't exactly functional. The main problem I saw with the site is that there isn't a search or browse function, so you're limited to the single page of results. The search box at the top of the page simply takes you to Amazon's Kindle store.

The most obvious complaint here is that there aren't options for Nook and iBooks users, who would like free books as well. It's an easy assumption that Kindle just has far more free titles outside of the public domain classics. Still it's hard to complain about someone showing off all the free books available for your Kindle, and I'm quite sure this is going to be a good utility for thrifty readers.

Zero Dollar Books via Lifehacker