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Find budget fashions with gently-used clothing

Customers searching for unique finds
Customers searching for unique finds
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Re-using an item helps to keep it out of the landfill. It also lets you keep money in your pockets. In a world of rising prices and depleting resources, is there any excuse not to recycle goods?

Clothing is one of the most common items available for resale. Provided there are no noticeable stains or large holes, you can save a great deal of money by searching through the used clothing racks. Tears, as long as they are minor, can easily be fixed with a needle and thread. This should not deter you from purchasing the items, though. A quick lesson in sewing by hand is simple as well as practical. It leaves you fully prepped to fix small tears in any type of clothing.

High-end clothing stores make their money off continuously promoting new and overpriced items. What happens to the clothes people have in their closets? They are donated (hopefully) or thrown away. When you live close to larger cities, there is a greater likelihood in clothing turnaround. Even in rural areas, used clothing stores often feature unique and quality-made pieces. Until you take that leap of faith, you miss out on money-saving techniques. Hidden jewels are everywhere.

Visiting used-clothing stores often reveals a wealth of fantastic deals. Not limited to clothing, these stores often receive donated household wares, furniture or books. At a fraction of the cost, these items make their way into your home for a second chance at love.

Of course, not all used items are salvageable. Careful inspection will reveal whether the furniture has stress marks or cracks, or if the baby gear is no longer safe for play. It is best to wash all items carefully before wearing or using. Wash and dry all clothing or bedding material, and soak toys and housewares in hot soapy water. Electrical appliances should never be submerged in water; clean them with more care.

In Santee, there are several used stores with clothing, furniture and other treasures. Goodwill, Secondhand Treasures, Fancy Pants Consignment and Conceptions Children’s Resale are located around town and ready for business.

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